USB Adapter für Haas VF2 & SL20 CNC Maschinen                           

               USB Adapter für Haas VF2 & SL20 CNC Maschinen               USB Adapter für Haas VF2 & SL20 CNC Maschinen


With the conversion of our PC's to Win10 the existing floppy disk drives have become obsolete.

An inquiry with the Haas dealer has revealed that Haas has no solution to the problem and we should look for solutions ourselves on the Internet.
They offer USB drives that simulate a floppy disk. The handling is accordingly complicated. A good friend has such a Reconstruction imported
from the USA and also made to work. However, after a short time he removed it again, because the handling was changed to
duration with him was neither trouble-free nor easy.

We have therefore decided to take the modern, digital path and have developed a USB adapter for our Haas VF2.This adapter is plugged
into the 25-pin connector of the machine and the previous CAM software, in our case it is VectorXT, is still used. Probably the USB adapter
fits on all Haas CNC machines. But we can't do these tests because of the lack of machines.

H1006     USB 2.0  Adapter  for the   Haas VF2 & SL20   with  3m  USB  connection cable           -         97,00€     (excl. german tax)


If your Win10 PC or laptop is online, then connect the adapter to a USB and wait. The operating system will recognize the adapter and
installs the appropriate driver. Then check the COM number in the device manager and in your CAM software with the other data,
as shown in the two pictures. Afterwards you can start working immediately.

If your PC or laptop is offline, then download the driver from here to a USB stick, unzip it with the right button and enter the path to the
stick in the device manager of the target computer.

The 3m connection cable allows a secure data transmission. If you need to bridge longer distances, use an active USB extension,
as shown in the example photo below.


... und die Power wird mit dir sein !

The Silent Hektik products are for retrofitting and have not been tested by the respective manufacturers.